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What Are Words (Cover) What Are Words (Cover)

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I am not one to actually stop and listen to the words of a song, but this one is so beautiful. It actually made me stop what I was doing and just think. Now that is a big thing for me, cause only about 2 other songs do that. So this is a third. Absolutely beautiful. The singing is also wonderful, keep it up.

-Kyle Out

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seatellite responds:

thank you very much.
you should really check out the original. His voice absolutely blows mine away lol

-Song of Silly Villians- -Song of Silly Villians-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Most Amazing Song I've heard in a while :)

This is absolutely fantastic. It's cute and evil at the same time. It's a bucket of confusion but addictive to listen to. I am making a short film and wondering if I could use this? Thanks. And Once again...AMAZING. Keep up the good- GREAT work. :)

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Just-here-to-watch responds:

Wow ! Thanks ! I am glad to see you like it. And I am very sorry for the late reply ! I didn't see your review until today ! I will send you an PM. Ofcourse you may use this track, but please credit it :) May I see the film if it's done ?